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Initiative 160 – Public Athletics Programs for Minors

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Freedom for All Coloradans Fact Sheet (PDF)

Proponents have until August 5, 2024 to collect over 200,000 signatures in order for this initiative to have a chance of making the ballot.

Summary: This proposal, if enacted, would bar trans girls from participating in public athletic programs – or private athletic programs competing against public schools – by mandating the use of birth certificates as a form of identification and corroborating the student’s sex. This will eliminate opportunities for LGBTQ+ students to enjoy the benefits of school athletics, which include teamwork, fairness, cooperation, and community.

If passed, the initiative would prevent any government entity from taking “adverse action” against a school athletic program complying with Initiative 160.

Initiative 160 would not only impact the rights of LGBTQ+ students but also have financial implications for the state. By waiving sovereign immunity, the initiative could make the state liable for any lawsuits filed for non-compliance. This potential legal battle could drain public resources and divert attention from more pressing issues, underscoring the need to oppose this initiative.

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Transgender & Non-Binary Athletes